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You might believe everything is perfect once you write and publish an article on Wikipedia. Well, the magic won't happen unless you advertise your article on the Internet. To cater to this process, you will need a reliable firm to manage your marketing requirements. This is where Elite Wiki Writing can be called upon. Connect with our firm today and ensure targeted promotion for readers online.

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Publishing information on Wikipedia demonstrates an organization's competence and authority. Leave it to us if you believe your company cannot write and publish a page on Wikipedia. By implementing successful and promising digital solutions, we assist you in expanding your business reach and presence online.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria to
Make It to Wikipedia?

Check Eligibility Eligible Non Eligible
Significance Coverage on credible news platform
Articles on third-party credible websites
Mentions on Industry Related Articles
Good Social Media Following
Good Number of Hits on Google Trends


Wikipedia is dependent on the reliability of the information. If you or your brand is mentioned in an article, then that’s not enough. An article should mainly be about you or your brand. A Wikipedia page requires more than one authentic reference. If you are stating a fact, then you should include one or two established and apparent references to those facts.

Wikipedia one considers primary sources as authentic. Primary sources are those which are written by those people who were personally related to those facts.


If you fail to prove the reliability of your content to Wikipedia, then you are ineligible for the Wikipedia page publication. If you are beating the bush around that is not relevant to your brand or yourself then you won’t be considered eligible. Lacking authentic and primary references in your content will keep you away from getting published.

Quoting the references from Wikipedia will also make you ineligible because Wikipedia considers its own references as not reliable.


Wikipedia can be used as a very effective marketing tool. Many businesses are discovered that getting a listing on Wikipedia can help authenticate their digital presence. The most important thing is the reputation of a brand or a company, Wikipedia endorses its authenticity and authority by publishing its content.

This helps any brand or company to increase its reach massively as they are now considered trustworthy.

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